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    WATER FIELD ASIA CO., LTD.  has been in business since 2001, located in Bangkok, Thailand. 
WATER FIELD ASIA currently employs over 50 people, which are comprised of experts in the related fields,
including engineers and technicians that provide solution and services quickly to accommodate.


     Our vision   We will continue to develop and improve in the complete pump solutions.




Water Field Asia is committed to developing personnel quality. To meet the highest customer satisfaction 

with regard to stakeholders. Philosophic to safety principles, worthiness with ethics and continuous development.



For more than a decade WATER FIELD ASIA has been a leading supplier of pumps and associated systems in Thailand, a principal in supply and servicing of pumps, pump packages and equipments for a wide range of applications and industry sectors. We are the exclusive distributor of major brands, such as ALLWEILER from Germany, HOUTTUIN from the Netherlands, IMO from USA, IMO AB from Germany, etc.


We have the teams of professional, skillful and service minded engineers including the service engineer team who offer the traditional service of installation, maintenance, alignment, commissioning and repairing performed to customer needs.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with technically, engineering that are designed, qualifying products, services and inclusive of training provider. Also we can sourcing pump & their related accessories suitable for applications in every industry from various source to meet the customers requirement. We have the resources to troubleshoot, analyze and solve even your most complex issues in ways other service options are unable to.



Our specialized service including ;

  • Pump solution consultancy
  • Pump repairs
  • On-site start up, commissioning and trouble shooting
  • Laser alignment, noise check, temperature check, current check and vibration analysis.
  • Pump and spare parts inventory including “insert unit” for urgent delivery and emergency breakdown
  • Service contract


   CSR Activities  





WATER FIELD ASIA CO., LTD.  would like to be a part of Thailand to build a strong society and sustainable growth by supporting books, stationeries, sports equipment and improvement of the school playground for children development with the appropriate age range affect the physical, mental and intellectual development.





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