ALLFUEL®   - Versatile, Compact and Safe

  The new Three Screw Pump for moving oils and other lubricating liquids. Up to 6 or 40 bar.   



Pumped Liquid :  

Lubricating oils, Fuel oils, Hydraulic oils, Cooling oils, 

Synthetic Hydraulic Liquids, Native oils


Main fields of application

Oil firing, Mechanical engineering, Marine & Offshore engineering, 

Chemical & Petrochemical industries, Hydraulics Plants, Lubricating oil supply,  

General industrial technologies



  Performance data               
  Capacity  : 112 L/min         PUMP INSERTS
  Pressure   : 40 bar      
  Viscosity : 3 - 750 mm2/s      
  Fluid temperature 150 °C      


  Construction Features
  • Several variations for optimal adaptation (also available with integrated filter as single or twin station)
  • The installed pump requires little space
  • Easy to operate and therefore safe in operation
  • Maintenance is completed quickly, lowering costs


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