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CIRCOR Pumps North America LLC is a leading marketer and world-class manufacturer of Imo Pump products with competitive advantages. By developing supplier, distributor and customer networks for various industries and market segments, we achieve global reach.

Manufacturing rotary positive-displacement three-screw and gear pumps, the Imo Pump brand meets the strict requirements of our customers' applications and can offer precise and reliable performance. Our experienced engineering staff can help you solve any design, engineering or process issue. 



Our plants produce high quality pumps for hydrocarbon and chemical processing, crude oil transport, Navy and commercial marine, power generation, pulp and paper, hydraulic elevator and general industrial machinery.

  • Headquarters Plant: Monroe, NC, USA
    This plant includes Imo Pump research and development and all headquarters facilities and personnel.  A fabrication facility is an integral part of the operation and uses qualified welders and weld procedures. An ISO 9001 approved quality management system oversees production of high performance industrial three screw pumps and three screw pumps for Naval combat and support ships.
  • Columbia, KY, USA    
    All-manufacturing operation producing high pressure gear pumps and all the large production quantity three screw pumps. Its quality management system is ISO 9002 approved.
   Strengths of the three-screw pump technology:
  • High pressure boost capabilities, even when handling low viscosity fluids
  • One of the highest overall efficiencies when handling heavy crude 3
  • Simple pump design with only three rotating parts and one shaft seal
  • Designs available to the latest edition of API 676

Proven design for precision, long life and maximum energy efficiency


We manufacture rotary positive displacement 3-screw and gear pumps.

Industries served include:

  •       Hydrocarbon and chemical processing
  •       Crude oil transport
  •       Navy and commercial marine
  •       Power generation, pulp and paper
  •       Hydraulic elevators
  •       General machinery

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