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An inhibited type insulating oil for transformers, produced from high quality naphthenic oil and anti-oxidant additives, to prolong oil service life and exhibits high dielectric strength



  • Provides thermal stability, low volatility, high flash point and good flow characteristic.
  • Minimizes insulating oil oxidation reaction and sludge formation.
  • Compatible with wire coating material.
  • Offers gas trapping property.
  • Exhibits excellent heat dissipation.
  • Maintains system cleanliness


  • Used for transferring heat in transformers, switch gears and other electric equipment
  • Suitable for use in oil filled capacitors, circuit breakers, switches and other equipment


Performance Standards

ASTM D3487-16


Health and Safety

This product shows no significant health or safety hazard when used under the recommended applications and suitable handling.


Avoid the direct contact. Wash immediately after contact. Health and safety information is available on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which can be obtained from http://pttlubricants.pttor.com


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