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ALLFLO Self-priming Centrifugal Pump


Flow rate : up to 468 m3/h 

Head : up to 60 m 

Speed : 1450-2900 rpm (50 Hz) / 1750-3500 rpm (60 Hz) 

Temperature (˚C)   : -10˚C to 80˚C 

Pressure (bar) : up to 6 bar 

Max solid size   : 76 mm (depends on pump size)   

  • European standard of performance and dimensions.
  • Used for pumping neutral, acid or alkali clean or dirty liquids, containing sand, mud or solids in suspension
  • Pumping the mixtures containing abrasive solids up to a viscosity of 50mm2/s
  • Designed to have a service channel outside the casing for convenient maintenance and cleaning.
  • Wear plates for the most prolong the service life.
  • Pump performance can be adjusted into different levels by speed (rpm) to meet different requirements.


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