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Volute Casing Centrifugal Pump in block design up to PN 16

Pumped Liquid : Heat transfer oils


Main fields of application

Heat transfer technology (community heating, marine and offshore engineering, chemical, food, rubber industry, asphalt/tar industry, hydrocarbons preparation, soap/detergents, wood industry etc.)

Performance data Series NBT 

Capacity : Q up to 270 m3/h     

Delivery head  : H up to 145 m   

Discharge pressure : pd up to 16 bar   

Fluid temperature : t up to 350 °C        


Construction Features 

  • Casing dimension and rated output acc. To DIN EN 733
  • Block design (Motor attached to pump via flange or lantern)
  • Dry installtion 
  • Horizontal installtion 
  • Stub shaft fur IEC motor 


Reference : Allweiler.de - Series NBT

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