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PTT Lubricants - DRIVERA SF

ISO VG 150 , 220 320 , 460 , 680


Premium industrial gear oils produced from high quality hydrocarbon basestocks and complete additive package containing all the necessary ingredients which deliver a high level of micropitting resistance, bearing protection, and compatibility with the elastomers liquid sealant. DRIVERA SF is officially approved by SIEMENS.




·      Enhanced wear and corrosion protection to improve gear and bearing life.

·      Enhanced critical micropitting resistance resulting in less unexpected outage duration.

·      Excellent oxidative and thermal resistance to extend oil drain periods.

·      Highly effective antifoam protection by reducing air entrainment to prevent metal surface contacts.



·      Industrial applications, especially spur, helical, bevel, planetary gear boxes, and marine gear units without multi disk clutches.

·      Applicable for gears and bearings in circulating and splash lubricated systems.

·      Especially designed for gear unit that requires SIEMENS FLENDER standard.

·      Not recommend for worm gear units.


Performance Standards

·      AGMA 9005 E02 EP

·      US STEEL 224

·      DIN 51517 Part 3

·      ISO 12925 1 CKC/CKD

·      SIEMENS MD FLENDER Gear Units

·      Revision 15), T 7300, Table A-a

·      Fives Cincinnati Machine Gear


Health and Safety

This product shows no significant health or safety hazard when used under the recommended applications and suitable handling.


Avoid the direct contact. Wash immediately after contact. Health and safety information is available on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which can be obtained from http://pttlubricants.pttor.com


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