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Heat Transfer Oil - HITEMP 500

Viscosity @ 100ºC 5.23 cSt

HITEMP 500 is a high quality heat transfer fluid of superior thermal stability, produced from a highly refined paraffinic base oil and contain anti-oxidation additives, which provide good thermal stability and long service life. It is recommended for use in closed indirect heating systems.


Benefits HITEMP 500

•   Exhibits good thermal and oxidation stability to resist sludge formation

•   Characterizes low evaporation loss

•   Provides high flash point and good low-temperature flow characteristics

•   Non-corrosive and non-toxic



•   Suitable for closed indirect heating systems which operating temperature below 260ºC

•   Can be used in heat transfer systems requiring temperature control in all industries such as dye works, bleaching plants, plastics and plywood industries

•   Service life of 4-6 years

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