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Heat Transfer Oil - HITEMP 600LT

Viscosity @ 100ºC 2.70 cSt


HITEMP 600 LT is a synthetic-grade heat transfer fluid formulated from alkyl benzene derivatives which provide excellent thermal stability and very long service life. This product performs superb fluid degraded resistance leading to enhance flow ability in the system.

Benefits HITEMP 600LT

Exhibits excellent thermal and oxidation stability to reduce fouling from fluid degradation

Extends service life longer than mineral grade

It is able to replace mineral hot oil by adding up directly without any concerns (please contact with our technical team for closely consulting).

Provides low volatility, high flash point and good low-temperature flow characteristics

Offers high film coefficient enhancing heat transfer efficiency

Good cleaning property

Non-corrosive and non-toxic



ㆍSuitable for closed indirect heating systems which operating temperature below 280ºC

ㆍOnly recommended for liquid phase operation

ㆍIdeal replacement of mineral hot oil

ㆍCan be used in heat transfer systems requiring temperature control in all industries such as offshore, gas processing, textiles, plastics processing, general chemical plant

ㆍService life of 6-10 years

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