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PTT Lubricants HIKUT N11

Viscosity @ 40ºC  22.0 mm2/s

HIKUT N11 is a neat cutting oil produced from high quality base oil and extreme pressure additive. It is suitable for light to medium operation severity and meet the high potential machine needs. The characteristic of oil is clear and odorless.



• Provides good lubrication and polished workpieces

• Low viscosity causing good cooling property and easy chip removing

• Prevents spot welding of workpieces and tools resulting in long service life

• Good anti rust and anti-corrosion properties

• Chlorine free



• Suitable for lubricating and cooling for turning, milling, drilling, threading and tapping processes which are light to medium operation severity

• Can be used with general metals such as steel aluminium brass and bronze



• Always remove chips from sump tank to keep cutting oil clean

• Beware of slideway oil or hydraulic oil leakage to prevent performance degradation due to contamination


Health and Safety

This product shows no significant health or safety hazard when used under the recommended applications and suitable handling. Avoid the direct contact. Wash immediately after contact.

Health and safety information is available on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


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