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SHiMiZU Constant Pressure Inverter Pump


Constant pressure variable frequency self-priming pump is a small water supply system, withintergrated inverter, the pump can keep the pipe pressure at a constant level by adjusting the rotation. With bulit-in pressure sensor, which can detect pressure changes in the water pipe, the motor rotation varies with the pipe pressure changes to keep the pump output required constant pressure.


The constant pressure variable frequency self-priming pump is easy to install, it runs when power on, achieves the effect of plug-and-play. The transmission liquid should be non-corrosive clear water without solid particle or fiber. Input voltage/frequency should be three phase220V/50Hz.


  • Frequency control and constant pressure.
  • Compact integrated design.
  • Easy to install, plug-and-play.
  • Energy-saving and low noise.
  • Humanization design, common flat guide. 


Pump body : Cast iron

Inverter cooling circuit board : Cast aluminum alloy

Inverter circuit cover : ABS

Motor bracket : Cast aluminum alloy

Impeller : Brass

Shaft : SS304 welding shaft

Fan cover : ABS


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