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  JLM series is the auto cold water and hot water turbine self-priming pump
  • Delayed Start When power on, pump will delay the 3S to start, in order to protect the motor and personal safety
  • No water no power When no inlet water, the water pump continuous detecting 8 minutes, automatically enter the water protection system. After 1 hours will restart to check whether there is flow through, until the normal water supply. To avoid the pump in the anhydrous state run for a long time.
  • Water stop pump stop No water used, the microcomputer control system can automatically detect and control the motor deceleration stop
  • Flow control When the pump outlet is very small, the microcomputer control system will automatically detect and switch to the small flow control system, ensure the pump still normal use, and will not appear on the market the pump "pops pops" noise, pressure switch using the indefinite extension of life, truly realize the total head operation
  • Ease of Installation Installation size, manner consistent with market style, simple and easy maintenance
  • Low Noise OMRON microswitch (Original Japanese imports) silent startup and more reliable.
  • Safe & reliable Rain level reaches IP55, guard security level class a standards, the decibel level to ISO standards.
  • Enamel Technology
    • Special treatment for pump body and support
    • Environmental & healthy
    • No dirty water
    • Black color for quantity production
  • Junction Box PC Control Wire Using PC chip control electronic pressure switch, avoid frequent take off pressure switch, long service life.


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